This is a guide that will explain how to add a team. When you create a team you can fill it with team members without involving any people in your organization. This way, you can organize your team’s hierarchy and edit the team’s social page before you assign users to roles on your team.

Permissions Required: We recommend that all users are granted permission to view and create teams. However, only system administrators should be granted permission to edit or delete all teams.


  1. Add Team   

  2. Add Team Members  

  3. Arrange Org Chart  

  4. Social Intranet Page

1.Add Team

  1. Click on the Structure icon in the left menu.

  2. Click on the Users and Teams card.

  3. Hover your cursor over the Add icon in the bottom right and click Add Team.

  4. Here is an introduction to adding a team, click Next.

  5. Make sure the Type in a single team option is selected, then click Next.

  6. Enter the name of the team or org chart you are adding, then click Next.

  7. Review all your information and confirm that it is correct. If not, click the Previous button to navigate back and edit. Otherwise click Finish.

  8. Click Close.

2.Add Team Members

  1. Click on the Team Members header to expand the card.

  2. Click the Add Member button.

  3. Enter the title of this team member or role in your org chart.

  4. Optional: Enter the name of a user in your organization who is assigned to this role on your team. This user will be added to the team’s social intranet page and they will receive a notification.

  5. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you have a card for each member of your team or role in your org chart.

  6. Click the background space to zoom out of the cards so that they will all be visible at the same time.

3.Arrange Org Chart

  1. Drag and drop one card on top of another to create a connection. The card dropped on top will become a subordinate of the bottom card.

  2. You can drag and drop whole sections of the org chart by dragging the card that is the highest point of what will be moved. The section will collapse as you move it and expand again once you drop it.

  3. Move a card to the Self-Managing Members box to take a role out of your org chart without removing that member of your team.

  4. You can drag a card out of Self-Managing Members and drop it in the background of the org chart to make that team member a root of your org chart.

4.Social Intranet Page

  1. Click on the Social Intranet Page header to expand the section.

  2. Enter the name of users who will be page editors for this team’s social intranet page. They will be able to add and remove users, edit the page, and create posts as this team.

  3. Click Select Image to upload a location image. This is how the location will be represented on the social intranet.

  4. Click on the Saved icon in the bottom right and click Save and Close.