Align Us is where happiness makes things happen. 

Employee engagement is what keeps employees passionate about their jobs and committed to the organization. Employees today are not just looking for a career but a fulfilling experience. In order to achieve that experience, Align Us is shifting the focus from the traditional day-to-day routine to honing in on what really matters – employee engagement. Employees are likely to be enthusiastic about their roles when they are happy. What is happiness at work? It’s feeling that you’re connected to something bigger; something with purpose. 

Project management softwares tend to only focus on what tasks need to be done and the time they should take. They do not show the whole picture. How are these tasks aligned to the organization’s goals and strategies? Our solution is to communicate the organization’s missions and values to its employees. With a system that is traditionally all about scheduling and numbers, Align Us is going to empower users with a sense of purpose and a fulfilling, enjoyable experience.